October’s S.T.E.M. Activity Kit was focused on Spooky Science!



This activity kit explored the concepts in forensic science. We learned about how we can collect critical information from a crime scene, analyze it in a lab, and then draw conclusions from the data collected.


For this virtual activity, we had a special guest, Dr. Murrell Godfrey, as our featured scientist!



Dr. Godfrey is currently the Assistant Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the University of Mississippi Graduate School. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from Dillard University (New Orleans) and obtained his Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Mississippi. His research area focuses on forensic chemistry, primarily focusing on identifying and studying illicit drugs using a variety of analytical techniques.


The topics covered were:

Crime Scene Investigation vs Forensic Science


Fingerprint Analysis

Detection of Fluorescent Molecules



Junior Scholar Photo Submissions





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