February Activity Kit:

Introduction to Geometry


This month, we learned about Geometry!


Geometry is the branch of mathematics that focuses on the properties and relations between points, lines, surfaces, and solids. This is one of the oldest branches of this field and can be considered a fundamental area of mathematics. Geometry has applications in a wide variety of fields such as architecture, physics, and art.


In this activity kit, we discussed the following topics:

 Geometric Shapes

2-Dimensional polygons

3-Dimensional shapes

Faces, Vertices, and Edges

Translations, Rotations, and Reflections



Special Guest: Victoria Robinson

This month, we had an aspiring mathematician, Victoria Robinson, as our special guest. To read more about her, the work she does, and our exclusive interview, check out the Scholar Spotlight section of our website.


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This virtual activity will took place on Saturday, March 13, 2021, at 2 pm CST.