August 2021: Dr. Bri’s Favorite’s

The theme of the August S.T.E.M. Activity Kit was: Mystery Birthday Kit! August was our birthday month! To help us celebrate, we had a Mystery Activity Kit of Dr. Bri’s favorite activities. This kit encompassed a wide variety of topics and concepts from the activity kits throughout the year. The […]

July 2021: Surviving the Great Outdoors

The theme of the July S.T.E.M. Activity Kit was: Surviving the Great Outdoors!   For this month, our goal was to engineer some tools to help us survive in the Great Outdoors!     What if you found yourself lost in the wilderness?! Would you be able to build or […]

June 2021: Making Waves: Exploring waves and their properties

The theme of the June S.T.E.M. Activity Kit was: Making Waves: Exploring Waves and Their Properties   With this kit, we learned about Waves and their properties!       A wave is a disturbance that travels through a medium from one location to another. Waves have a variety of […]

February 2021- Introduction to Geometry

February Activity Kit: Introduction to Geometry   This month, we learned about Geometry!   Geometry is the branch of mathematics that focuses on the properties and relations between points, lines, surfaces, and solids. This is one of the oldest branches of this field and can be considered a fundamental area […]

Scholar Spotlight: Jordan Chapman

    Jordan Chapman is from South Philadelphia and is currently studying anthropology at the University of Georgia. His research allows him to focus on the geosciences. Check out our exclusive interview with him below.   What first got you interested in S.T.E.M? Geology? Archaeology? I became interested in STEM […]

January 2021- Geology & Paleontology

The January S.T.E.M. Activity Kit was on Geology & Paleontology     This month, we learned about Geology & Paleontology.   Geology is an Earth science that focuses on the Earth’s physical structure, components, history, and the processes that occur on it. Paleontology is a branch of science concerned with […]

Scholar Spotlight: Victoria Robinson

Victoria Robinson is an aspiring mathematician and a second-year graduate student studying mathematics at the University of Alabama. She is a 2015 graduate of Richton High School (Richton, MS) and she received her Bachelors of Science in 2019 in Mathematics with minors in both Intelligence & Security Studies and Electrical […]

Scholar Spotlight: Leila M. Joyce Seals

Scholar Spotlight: Leila M. Joyce Seals   Leila M. Joyce Seals is a geoarchaeologist and women in S.T.E.M. blogger who is passionate about making the sciences accessible to and accepting of everyone. As a woman of color, albeit an academically privileged one, Joyce Seals is aware of the extra obstacles […]

November 2020- Properties of Light & Color Theory

November’s S.T.E.M. Activity Kit focused on Color Theory!     This month, explored color! We learned about how light in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum allows us to see the vivid colors of the world around us. In this activity kit, we discussed the following topics:   Light […]

October 2020- Forensic Science

October’s S.T.E.M. Activity Kit was focused on Spooky Science!     This activity kit explored the concepts in forensic science. We learned about how we can collect critical information from a crime scene, analyze it in a lab, and then draw conclusions from the data collected.   For this virtual […]